Dead Weight

by Youth Hostel

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released March 26, 2015



all rights reserved


Youth Hostel Columbus, Ohio

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Track Name: Dregs
Happiness doesn't come for certain
Step back, which way are you lookin?
To the right you can see my life.
To the left you can see what I'm trying to leave behind

I'm running away
From all my problems
I won't take the time I need to solve them

This is classic me
So just let me sink
Down to the bottom
Take me back to where I started.

I suffer with this weight everyday
I can bear this no more
My lungs collapse, suffocate
My mind is exhausted, I need escape
Track Name: Same Shit, Different Day
I can't work a 9 to five, Just to stay alive
Sign my life up for over time
And ask me If I'm doin’ fine

Day after day I work myself to my fucking break
Everyday it’s the same routine
I don't even get to stop to think.

Every day it’s the same old shit
I shut my mouth
Afraid of what I should do if I quit
This gets harder every day
I can't keep living life this way
Too poor to eat, I'll just starve
This resentment breaks my heart

You don't know
You don't get why this ails me so
Maybe you should live as poor as me

You don't see
You think that could never happen
to some one as well off as me

Blue Collar jobs, they leave me
Living from check to check
But I need something more
I need a purpose other than

Every day it’s the same old shit
I shut my mouth
Afraid of what I'd do if I quit
Grinding harder everyday
slave to the minimum wage
So Complacent, Every dollar spent,
I'll hang my body with a rope of my regrets

Another Day, Another Dollar
My check's already spent, why bother?
Everytime I break this losing streak the cycle repeats
Track Name: Heavy On It
Out Cold and Alone
I know you're out there
I hope this message finds you
I hope you're doing well, and when they finally catch you
I hope you rot in your hell

Just remember
You did this to your self
You chose that shit over me
And your friends all left you
When you said you could quit it anytime

But you never did
You stayed heavy on it.

The Company that you keep around
They wont be there for the ups and downs
They're just there for their high
They don't care about your life

One day you'll Leave your mark on the body bag.
Leave your kid with out a mom and dad
Its pathetic,
to know that I won't be the one that will let you back into my life
And I won't
Be a victim to more of your lies

Junkie, fake, liar Piece of shit
Stick a needle in your vein
You wont quit

Sister, mother, daughter, my friend
You did all this to yourself.

You did this to your self
You chose that shit over me
And your friends all left you
When you said you could quit it anytime
Track Name: My Way Out
Wake up in the morning, put the gun in my mouth
Pull the trigger and nothing will come out

Why can't this be so easy?
I have to find a better way
I have to find something worth living one more fucking day
This is always the hardest part,
Put it down, try a brand new start

Walls out around my mind
Block out all light

I've lost my way, I never would have come back.
I've come so far, I mistook my self as weak.


This war I've raged with my self
Sickened thoughts fall like shells
I am dug in the trenches
I'll see this fight all the way through

Its not so easy with the cloud hanging over your head
Some days you feel like your better off dead
I know I've been there before
I can't take this pressure anymore
Track Name: Blood Ties
You always said that words don't mean a thing
Just fight back with sticks and stones
Well I guess you took your own advice
When you left without a word and never came back home

I swear you'd be proud of the man that I've become
Without your help without you there
You're just so distant

The only thing that's constant is the change
Would you notice me if I were any different?

I'm just so tired of being milked dry
I can't keep faking a smile to hide behind
don't leave me in this place forever
I'm blindly praying that someday you'll make an effort

I'll never make the same mistake again
now I know that blood ties don't mean a thing
and maybe it's just selfish thing to think
That I could ever be something that someone could ever need x2

It's the days like this
When I most consider it….
Run the knife through my wrists
Until they're left hanging limp.

Stop telling me you understand what's going on in my head
I'm as cold and empty as the streets I walk at 3 a.m.
Sometimes I think I should have offed myself
When I had the chance

I'm sick of being useless
Someday I swear I'll prove it
I'm worth more than just another one of your past regrets
I’m sick of being useless
Someday I swear I’ll prove it
Someday I'll give you a reason to care